THE CULTURE OF MORALITY: Social Development, Context, Conflict

Elliot Turiel, Author . Cambridge Univ. $32 (344p) ISBN 0-521-80833-2

Covering the age-old questions of how the self should relate to others is a spate of new books on ethics. Together, they broaden horizons on life, love and happiness.

THE CULTURE OF MORALITY: Social Development, Context, ConflictElliot Turiel. Cambridge Univ., $32 (344p) ISBN 0-521-80833-2

Drawing on work from diverse cultures, Turiel, an education professor at the University of California at Berkeley, shows that people in positions of lesser power, such as women and minorities, often oppose existing cultural arrangements and work to transform the system. He then asks: Where does morality lie in such situations? With the individual? With the community? With the nation? Turiel also examines conservative claims that the world is in the midst of a serious moral decline, finding that such charges often involve stereotyping, nostalgia for times past and a failure to recognize the moral viewpoints of those who challenge traditions. (June 1)

Reviewed on: 04/01/2002
Release date: 04/01/2002
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