Cries of the Lost

Chris Knopf, Author
Chris Knopf. Permanent, $28 (272p) ISBN 978-1-57962-332-6
Reviewed on: 08/19/2013
Knopf’s entertaining if somewhat repetitive follow-up to 2012’s Dead Anyway finds market researcher Arthur Cathcart still searching for clues to the actions of his murdered wife, Florencia Etxarte, and the secrets that died with her. In the first book, Cathcart barely survived the attack that killed Florencia and persuaded his doctor sister to declare him dead so he can operate with anonymity. Aided by girlfriend Natsumi Fitzgerald, Cathcart retrieves the contents of Florencia’s safe deposit box in the Caymans, only to be attacked when they leave the bank. That’s the start of an increasingly complex and dangerous journey that takes the pair across Europe and the U.S., where they continuously alter their disguises and use an endless series of electronic devices. Knopf has fun with the cat-and-mouse games, both cerebral and physical, as Cathcart strives to stay a step ahead of their mysterious pursuers, who are all linked to Florencia’s Basque heritage. (Nov.)
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