Hyperion has teamed up with Glamour magazine to do a series of books aimed at the magazine's readership of roughly 12.2 million women. The first three titles are set to publish in 2011 and 2012. The first book, Engagement Chicken and 99 Other Recipes to Get Everything You Want Out of Life will be written by the magazine's editor-in-chief, Cindi Levine, and is scheduled for Valentine's Day, 2011. The second title, Jake's Law, scheduled for May 2011, will compile advice by the magazine's longrunning titular male columnist, who delivers information about dating and relationships from a male perspective. And the third title, 30 Things Every Woman Should Know By the Time She's 30, sprung out of a 13-year-old story from the magazine that found a second life when it recently went viral. According to Hyperion, the article was mis-attributed to a number of authors, including Maya Angelou and Hillary Clinton.

The books, which are all built off of popular columns in the magazine, will be promoted with a combination of online and offline events including tours, contests and social networking outreach. Speaking to the deal, Levine said: “We see real potential in our partnership—and with the range of these three books, which cover food, love, relationships, self-esteem, and so many of the other building blocks of young women’s lives.”