cover image A Summer of Horses

A Summer of Horses

Carol Fenner. Random House Books for Young Readers, $3.99 (151pp) ISBN 978-0-394-80480-4

When Faith arrives at the farm where she will spend the summer, she expects to have the same easy rapport with horses as she has with other, smaller animals. But horses frighten Faith, and she comes to hate her daily riding lesson. Meanwhile, Faith's athletic older sister Gem takes to the sport immediately and is soon riding in local shows. Faith is jealous and bewildered: she is the animal lover in the family, not boy-crazy Gem. In the course of the summer, Faith reevaluates both her strengths and her weaknesses, eventually finding not only the courage to ride, but to face other challenges as well. Horse fans will read almost any horse book once, but there are a few stories that equine enthusiasts will return to again and again. This thoughtful novel is just such a book and is likely to command a loyal following. Novice riders in particular will find much comfort in the story of Faith's initiation into the world of horses and riding. Ages 8-12. (July) -