cover image Rapunzel's Daughter and Other Tales

Rapunzel's Daughter and Other Tales

Edited by Josie Brown, Rose Mambert, and Bill Racicot. Pink Narcissus (, $16.95 trade paper (373p) ISBN 978-0-9829913-1-2

Thirty-one stories of disparate quality and tone put a new spin on old tales. James S. Dorr's "The Glass Shoe" is a lighthearted political parody of Cinderella; Michael Takeda's "The Wolf in Standard Ration Clothing" is even darker than the original Red Riding Hood. Amy E. Yergen's brilliant title story, a meditation on family and matrilineal legacies, easily brings Rapunzel into the modern world, while David Turnbull's folksy "The Blood Cakes"; Duncan Eagleson's Viking Snow White retelling, "Snovhit"; and Michelle Markey Butler's Arthurian intrigue, "Sovereynte," have an authentically ancient feel. Line drawings by Ciaran Gaffney and Jade Liebes enhance each story, and introductions offer insight into the writers' lives and inspirations. The wide variety means many transitions are jarring, but any fairy tale fan will find something to enjoy in this collection. (July)