cover image Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass

Paul Stanley. HarperOne, $27.99 (240p) ISBN 978-0-06-282028-0

In this entertaining memoir cum lifestyle guide, Kiss singer Stanley (Face the Music) presents himself as a changed man: “I’ve achieved not only traditional success but also the peace of mind that allows me to see things in a different light.” Having dealt with his past hardships, and with Kiss now reestablished as a successful touring band, Stanley felt obligated to give his fans a “backstage pass” in the form of this work, a distillation of his thoughts on and approaches to success (“Be tough on yourself, but always be your own biggest fan”; “kick the bucket list”) to help readers establish “an effective outlook that will influence every aspect of your life.” Covering his experiences in business, health, and parenting, Stanley is relentlessly optimistic: “Have a passionate plan to get from point A to point B” and “We can’t know what’s behind a door if we don’t open it.” Stanley shares some stories about Kiss, but they are geared to illuminate his message of positive thinking, such as the reason why Peter Criss, the original Kiss drummer, undermined a reunion tour: “his failure to commit to being the best he could be, his lack of wanting to do the work.” Stanley proves to be an insightful writer, and his advice just might reach beyond the Kiss fan base. (Apr.)