cover image Crazy Hot

Crazy Hot

Tara Janzen, Author . Dell $5.99 (432p) ISBN 978-0-553-58610-7

Like a fireworks display lacking both sound and color, Janzen's debut, a novel of romantic suspense, is distinctly one note despite its overabundance of sexual pyrotechnics. The book strives for a Suzanne Brockmannesque feel—pitting a Denver secret special forces team called SDF against evil doers and throwing sexy distractions in their way—but this over-the-top romp fails in two key areas: believability and characterization. Nearly invincible SDF agent Quinn Younger agrees to help "stacked" blonde Regan McKinney find her missing grandfather, in part because Quinn's been obsessed with her body ever since catching a glimpse of her topless when they were teens. While the two track down Regan's grandfather, whose disappearance seems connected to a sadistic arms dealer, they enjoy sexual interludes on top of a car, in an elevator and in a warehouse just steps from the bad guys. Their horniness never believably translates to love, but the novel's high sexual quotient, combined with Janzen's punchy prose, may lure some readers back for later installments (Crazy Cool , etc.). Agent, Damaris Rowland. (Oct.)