cover image Running on Veggies: Plant-Powered Recipes for Fueling and Feeling Your Best

Running on Veggies: Plant-Powered Recipes for Fueling and Feeling Your Best

Lottie Bildirici. Rodale, $26 (256p) ISBN 978-0-593-23171-5

Adidas nutrition coach Bildirici shows readers how to put their best foot forward in the kitchen and beyond in this vibrant debut collection of plant-forward recipes. When she was diagnosed with cancer at age 14, Bildirici took to running as a way to cope and quickly found, after switching to a nutrient-dense diet, that what she ate directly impacted both her body and endurance. Informed by the author’s health journey and the eponymous blog that grew from it—and supplemented with a number of recipes from world-class athletes—Bildirici’s book focuses less on what’s “healthy” and “unhealthy” and instead emphasizes the importance of using minimally processed ingredients and “lots of vegetables.” Most of the offerings are plant-based, with a handful of pescatarian options—including a protein-packed fish taco bowl recipe from professional mountain bike racer Kate Courtney. A meal guide for endurance athletes offers such snacks as roasted garlic green hummus and an anti-inflammatory beet mango smoothie, while a standout breakfast marinates carrots in a caper brine mixture for a smoky loxlike flavor on toast. Other innovative fare includes a jicama and radicchio chopped salad (jicama’s great for the gut, Bildirici notes) and a pecan-crusted halibut with an antioxidant-rich pomegranate glaze. Way more than just fuel, these recipes are as loaded with nutrients as they are flavor. Agent: Steve Toha, Folio Literary. (Dec.)