Demons of the Hallowed Dome: Acheron, Book 1

C.F. Sheridan. Nowatay, $12.99 trade paper (340p) ISBN 978-0-692-57222-1
Sheridan’s generally appealing but somewhat melodramatic military SF debut contains plenty of military lingo, patriotic characters, and a roguish protagonist who enjoys risky behavior. Three years ago, the Earth was viciously attacked by an assault force of lizard-like aliens; they were barely repulsed by the combined forces of Earth’s nations. Capt. Ryan Flannery and his 13 Green Beret brothers undertake a perilous mission to raid the planet Ou’Therras, destroy an alien communications tower, and gather intelligence to prepare Earth in advance of further attacks. It’s just coincidence that, while on Ou’Therras, Flannery discovers that his girlfriend, Alyssa, has been held captive by the aliens for several months. The plot is familiar and there are several nods to Star Wars, but undemanding fans of pulpy SF adventure will enjoy this tale of tough men flying planes, brandishing cool weapons, and shredding aliens. (BookLife)
Reviewed on: 02/13/2017
Genre: Fiction
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