cover image Is That You, Monster?

Is That You, Monster?

Illus. by Steve Cox. Barron’s, $12.99 (22p) ISBN 978-0-7641-6608-2

A boy named Sam is having a backyard campout with his sister and friends, but he’s sure a monster is hiding nearby. The garage, the tent, and a well are all potential hiding places, and readers are invited to slide their hand underneath five raised paper panels where sticky, furry, and nubbly textures await. Sam is sure he’s feeling the monster’s drool, “hairy back,” and “stubby tail,” but is proven wrong each time—until the pop-up finale. The use of a black font against a dark blue night sky adversely affects legibility at times, but most will look past that to enjoy the lightly spooky fun. Ages 3–6. (July)