cover image Minutes to Die

Minutes to Die

Susan Sleeman. Bethany, $15.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-7642-3396-8

Sleeman’s enjoyable second installment to her Homeland Heroes series (after Seconds to Live) features another tense relationship between federal agents. When FBI Agent Kiley Dawson takes the lead in investigating the murder of her informant, she learns a terrorist—who is somehow connected to the case—plans to strike. As she races across the country to track down leads and identify players involved in the nefarious mission, she grudgingly joins forces with ICE Agent Evan Bowers, whose mistake in a previous operation caused the death of Kiley’s partner. Evan has discovered foreign operatives carrying bomb-making technology have recently entered the U.S., and as Evan and Kiley work to stop the pending attack, Evan challenges Kiley to deal with the blame she attributes to him. Through their partnership, Kiley rediscovers her faith and the forgiveness that comes after laying down one’s fear. While the action scenes and dialogue are sharp, the breakneck pace and large cast will leave some readers in the lurch. Inspirational fans who enjoy action should check out this blistering tale. (Aug.)