Brenda Corey Dunne. Fortunate Frog Fiction, $14.99 paper (262p) ISBN 978-0-9881562-2-7
Though Ocean O’Malley loves to swim, she isn’t happy to be moving from Toronto to Prince Edward Island. It doesn’t help matters that the 17-year-old is attacked on her first night on the island, though she’s rescued by Sam O’Brien, her attractive new neighbor from Ireland. As Ocean and Sam become close, he reveals that they are both mythical creatures known as selkies, and that his dangerous father is looking for them both. As Ocean struggles with these revelations, the race is on to find her selkie skin, which her father hid in order to protect her. Canadian writer Dunne (Dependent) builds on Irish lore to create an intriguing mythology, though it’s not fully explained (particularly with regard to the way that “time moves differently” for selkies, as well as their custom of luring humans into the sea to live as “sex slaves”). Ocean has a believable voice and is a well-rounded character with fleshed-out relationships with her family, particularly her mother. Her story is marred, however, by the fact that, on multiple occasions, Sam steps in to save Ocean from sexual assaults. A sequel is planned. Ages 14–up. (BookLife)
Reviewed on: 02/13/2017
Release date: 05/01/2016
Genre: Children's
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