Jack of Hearts: Aces & Eights, Book 1

Sandra Owens. Montlake Romance, $12.95 trade paper (283p) ISBN 978-1-5039-4138-0

Owens (the K2 Team series) starts her Aces & Eights contemporary romantic thriller series, which pits undercover FBI agents against Miami’s underworld, with a strong story full of sexy romance. Alex Gentry and his two brothers own Aces & Eights, a biker bar, which gives them the perfect cover for their FBI work. Alex’s latest assignment is to get close to Ramon Alonzo, a man the FBI suspects of being a major player in a drug cartel. Unfortunately, Alex is very attracted to Madison Parker, Ramon’s cousin, who eagerly returns his interest. Though Alex tries to stay focused on his mission, he begins making secret nighttime visits to Madison. When they decide to openly date, Ramon, who has an unhealthy attraction to his cousin, threatens them both, and Alex swears he will keep Madison safe at all costs. Heated romance is at the forefront of this novel, backed by a compelling story that will lure readers into Madison and Alex’s world. Agents: Courtney Miller-Callihan (now at Handspun Literary) and Dan Mandel, Greenburger Associates. (Feb.)