cover image Uncanny Vows

Uncanny Vows

Laura Anne Gilman. Saga, $17.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-5344-1596-6

Gilman’s addictive second Huntsmen fantasy (after Uncanny Times) sends sibling monster hunters Rosemary and Aaron Harker on a mission to 1914 Boston to investigate suspected “uncanny activity” involving a relative of one of the Huntsmen’s benefactors who falls into a coma. The Harkers initially believe the assignment to be mere busy work, punishment for them fudging some details on their case in the previous book, which has had lingering negative effects on their reputations. The deeper they look into the coma-induced victim, however, the more uncanny (read: supernatural) suspects are added to their list. Despite increasingly loud whispers in huntsmen circles that Aaron may possess the powers of his fey ancestors, he brazenly uses forbidden tactics to lure their deadly suspects into the open. Gilman lets the suspense simmer, drawing readers in little by little until they can’t help but keep turning the pages. Her unique take on the supernatural remains fascinating and the gaslamp setting is well used. This keeps the series going strong. Agent: Barry Goldblatt, Barry Goldblatt Literary. (Nov.)