cover image Scum of the Earth

Scum of the Earth

Cody Goodfellow. Eraserhead, $10.95 trade paper (166p) ISBN 978-1-62105-287-6

In this fabulously unholy marriage of bizarro SF, crass sexuality, and tongue-in-cheek humor, Goodfellow (Sleazeland) successfully creates an interstellar pirate adventure that is anything but ordinary. Drugs are in high demand throughout the galaxies, and few things prove as addictive as the human imagination, which can easily be hijacked and downloaded. The Intergalactic Narcotic Enforcement Force destroys the Earth to halt imagination smuggling, and humankind is forced to scatter to the hidden corners of the universe, where cartels prey on them. Luckily for the human race, the trashiest crew in the galaxy and their nymphomaniac captain, Callista Chrome, are there to save them from being commoditized. Callista and the crew of the Barracuda are prepared to take on alien gangs, sex-crazed platypuses, and space vikings, even if they’re not sure the human race deserves it. A master class in the power of outlandish imagery and pulpy action, this otherworldly pirate crusade is sure to reel in SF fans who are ready to have their minds blown. (July)