cover image Henry Hamlet’s Heart

Henry Hamlet’s Heart

Rhiannon Wilde. Charlesbridge Teen, $18.99 (336p) ISBN 978-1-62354-369-3

An 18-year-old grapples with sudden feelings for his best friend in Australian author Wilde’s upbeat, 2008-set debut rom-com. Henry Hamlet, the unpopular, introverted school captain at Brisbane Northolm Grammar School for Boys, is worried about not having a clear life plan. As graduation looms, he finds it difficult to juggle tumultuous relationships with an uncertain future: his grandmother pressures him to pursue his art, while his parents believe success lies in his academic prowess, and his friends have begun fixating on romance, something that Henry wants nothing to do with. That is, until his best friend, Lennon Cane—sports star, serial heartbreaker, and aspiring photographer—kisses him during a game of truth or dare, which sparks confusing emotions in Henry. After Len admits wanting to pursue a relationship with Henry, the two begin dating, but when Len unexpectedly pulls away, Henry struggles to cope with potentially losing both his best friend and their budding relationship. Wilde deftly captures classic adolescent boys’ dialogue, while Henry’s constant, occasionally heartbreaking self-doubt is mitigated by his endearing and at times hilariously overwrought internal narrative in this sincere romance. Characters present as white. Ages 14–up. (Oct.)