cover image Blood Will Follow

Blood Will Follow

Snorri Kristjansson. Quercus/Jo Fletcher, $24.99 (288p) ISBN 978-1-62365-872-4

Kristjansson continues to explore the gritty and magic-tinged world of the Vikings in 996 C.E. in this engrossing sequel to 2013’s Swords of Good Men. Renowned kings Olav Tryggvason and Sweyn Forkbeard launch invasions all over Scandinavia, while men of lesser titles struggle against their own equally weighty fates. After the siege of Stenvik, Ulfar and Audun, friends afflicted with immortality, split up. One heads home to confess to his dead friend’s father; the other searches for a new place to live. Each separately encounters an older man with one eye, who gives wise counsel and legendary gifts. Meanwhile, Valgard the healer maneuvers others to go north, where he hopes to meet the god who grants the power that cursed Ulfar and Audun. Kristjansson maintains enough control to keep the reader from losing track of the three different stories, and the wisps of magic enhance the historical detail. Agent: Geraldine Cooke Agency. (Jan.)