cover image Between Here and Gone

Between Here and Gone

Barbara Ferrer. Diversion (, $4.99 e-book (589p) ISBN 978-1-62681-712-8

Political and cultural turmoil in the U.S. and Cuba at the dawn of the 1960s sets the stage for Ferrer’s deeply introspective romance. Natalia San Martin is Cuban royalty—until the reign of Fidel Castro begins. In the last few hours of her teen years, she loses everything she’s ever known, including her husband. After fleeing to the U.S. with her family, Natalia (calling herself Natalie to hide her Cuban roots) pours herself into work in order to help her parents, brother, and grandmother. When the opportunity for a startling change presents itself in the form of inveterate white knight Jack Roemer, Natalia takes the first steps toward becoming truly alive, not simply existing. Loving attention to sensory detail enhances this lush portrayal of a joyful, painful, complicated life. Traumatic events and shameful taboos are explored and embraced with the same joy as other, triumphant aspects of the story. Though the novel certainly has romantic elements, they primarily support a deep, rich, and wholly accessible exploration of many kinds of love and loss. Ferrer (Both Sides Now) has created a story that’s breathtaking in its scope, and a heroine whose strength will leave readers in awe. Agent: Adrienne Rosado, Nancy Yost Literary Agency. (Jan.)