cover image Enchanting Sarah Greenberg

Enchanting Sarah Greenberg

Jennifer Inglis. City Owl, $4.99 e-book (329p) ISBN 978-1-64898-138-8

Inglis (Girls Who Wear Glasses) has a light, comedic touch with this fantasy romance. Sarah Greenberg, 39, leads a pleasant, ordinary life: she works as a food writer, helps out at her family’s Chicago magic store, and is preparing to take her relationship to the next level by meeting her boyfriend Colin’s teenage daughter for the first time. Her routine is disrupted, however, when her latent magical powers bubble up, delighting her family and friends who had given up hope that “late bloomer” Sarah would ever join their ranks as a Magycian. Now Sarah must balance lessons in levitation and energy manipulation, Magycian politics, and meetings with strange new creatures with maintaining her relationship—and making sure Colin doesn’t freak out too much when he meets her blue-skinned demon friend, Dave. And when her family’s magic store, a source of much power, comes under threat, Sarah will do whatever it takes to save it. Iglis’s slightly bonkers worldbuilding brings the fun without ever sacrificing genuine emotion; despite the magical backdrop, Sarah and Colin feel wonderfully grounded. Readers will be spellbound. Agent: Amy Brewer, Metamorphosis Literary. (Mar.)