cover image Too Many Heroes

Too Many Heroes

Jan Turk Petrie. Pintail, $8.67 ISBN 978-1-9128-5597-1

Set in post-WWII Britain, Petrie’s fascinating if slow-starting novel focuses on Frank, a man on the run from the law whose last name changes with every new move, and Grace Stevenson, the unhappy wife of a London pub owner who has a gambling habit and an eye for the lads. Frank takes a job at the pub and—after some wariness—becomes Grace’s lover. When Grace’s husband is murdered, Frank, who’s without an alibi, becomes the main suspect. At this point, the pace picks up somewhat, and the twists and turns kick in. Grace is sure that Frank has been framed. However, when Detective Inspector Collingwood uncovers the details of Frank’s criminal past, Frank fears he’ll be arrested for the murder and flees London. The inspector becomes obsessed with tracking him down and bringing him to justice, refusing even to consider other suspects. Collingwood’s relentless pursuit provides tension and uncertainty in what is essentially a love story between two unconventional people. Readers will hope to see more from Petrie. [em](Self-published) [/em]