cover image Lost Films

Lost Films

Edited by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle. Perpetual Motion Machine, $18.95 trade paper (350p) ISBN 978-1-943720-29-3

Booth and Michelle (Lost Signals) deliver a collection of 19 technological horror shorts that are rich in imagination but woefully inconsistent in quality. Bookended by two bland head-scratchers, “Lather of Flies” by Brian Evenson and “The Fantastic Flying Eraser Heads” by David James Keaton, this anthology features all manner of descents into madness, horror, and mayhem, aided by the largely inhuman hand of technology. Entries include the intensely, weirdly atmospheric (“I Hate All That Is Mine” by Leigh Harlen) and the frustratingly, mind-bendingly experimental (“Daddy’s in a Snuff Film” by Kelby Losack). John C. Foster’s “Archibald Leech, The Many-Storied Man,” Brian Asman’s “A Festival of Fiends,” and Eugenia M. Triantafyllou’s “Ghost Mapping” are exceptional offerings that sacrifice neither storytelling nor style in realizing their thought-provoking concepts. Despite these standouts, while this melting pot of horror may offer a momentary shudder, it leaves almost nothing in the way of a lasting impression. (Sept.)