Ready to Exhale

David David. Record Breakers Communication, $9.50 e-book (227p) ISBN 978-978-56722-9-9

American-born Swiss national Jason von Meyer, the narrator of David’s intriguing mystery, is on vacation at a resort near the Ohio River when he spots a picture of his father, Klaus, who was murdered in Lagos years earlier, on the cover of a magazine. Jason thought the murder was unsolved, but the cover article purports to answer the mystery—a Swiss gang known as the Big Take was hired to assassinate Klaus when he was the Swiss ambassador to Nigeria. Jason’s dumbfounded that neither the Swiss government nor his mother told him about the solution to a crime that he credits with turning him into a racist, based on his original belief that the killer was Black. This new understanding prompts Jason to travel to Nigeria and embark on rehabilitating the country’s image around the world by using his newly acquired knowledge of Nigeria to produce a documentary and movies. His good intentions, which some Nigerians are skeptical of, place him in jeopardy as he encounters threats from a terrorist and a war merchant. David keeps the unusual story moving along briskly. Fans of unpredictable crime novels will be satisfied. (Self-published)