cover image Are You Brand Dead?

Are You Brand Dead?

Kimming Yap, Yulia Saksen, and Judy Tham. Creativeans Pte Ltd, $15.99 trade paper (142p) ISBN 978-981-11-2233-0

Consultants Yap and Saksen, with help from copywriter Tham, present a concise, user-friendly guide to their company’s approach to branding. Branding, in the sense of giving your company (or self) an immediately recognizable identity, is, the authors say, vitally important for competing in crowded marketplaces. Just as individuals will head toward the person they know in a room otherwise full of strangers, so buyers veer, consciously or not, toward products or services they recognize. This book provides a simple step-by-step guide to branding, interspersed with case studies of companies that have successfully grown their markets through branding. Topics include building, positioning, systemizing, and nurturing your business’s identity, along with assessing your competitors’ success in doing the same thing. Each chapter includes questions to help you focus your brand and helpful, easy-to-understand graphics. The advice and questions are the strongest part of the book; the case studies are less so, as they highlight firms, such as Sakae and AirPlus, probably unfamiliar to many readers. This book is aimed at all businesses, but will probably be most helpful to small concerns that can’t afford a team of consultants. For these, the book’s brevity and focus will make it a valuable read. [em](BookLife) [/em]