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Great American Bargain Book Show Has Successful Return to Atlanta
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Home Depot To Stop Selling Books
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Savannah Book Festival Wraps Record Fifth Year
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Malaprop's Celebrates 30 Years With Collaborative Novel
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The Internet is Not a Force of Nature: A Q&A with Rebecca MacKinnon
Not Often Surprised, But Continually Amazed: A Q&A with Alan Huffman and Michael Rejebian
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Questions for a Bookseller: Type Books in Toronto, Ontario
Back on a Raft with Taft: A Q&A with Jason Heller
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BookPeople Launches E-Reader Service
24 Million Secondary Characters: A Q&A with Adam Johnson
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So Much They Can't Share: A Q&A with Jodi Kantor
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Savannah Book Festival Comes Of Age
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From Turbulent 60s to Turbulent Teens: A Q&A with Ed Sanders
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Q&A: Deborah Davis, Keeper of Oprah's Flame
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NewSouth Reissues Southern Humorist’s Oeuvre
Decatur Bookshop's Community Read Program Captivates Atlanta
PW Picks: On Sale the Week of November 7, 2011
Two Questions for a Bookseller
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Elise Howard Moves to Algonquin to Start List
History Press Marches On
A Lively SIBA for Children's Authors
Summer’s Over, How Did Bookstores Do?
Decatur Book Festival Grows Up
Theodore Boone's Road Trip to Kick Off in Atlanta
A Novel Approach to Supporting an Indie
Gena Knox Media, Wind Publications Step Up
Dinotopia's Gurney Draws on Blog for Newest Hit
BookMan/BookWoman Adds Something New
BOA Editions: Recognizing Literary Forms in Need for 35 Years
A Different Light Goes Out
Algonquin Launches Author Interview Series
Karin Slaughter’s Library Campaign Starts in Atlanta
Hub City Writer's Project Hums Along
BAM Moves Into Used Books
Upcoming NewSouth 'Huck Finn' Eliminates the 'N' Word
Bookstore Turns Kids and Parents into Self-Publishers
Unchained Tour Barnstorms For Georgia's Indies
Atlanta Mom's Homegrown Book Series
PSA Celebrates 100 Years of Supporting Poetry
Web Exclusive Book Reviews: 2/22/2010
BookExpo America 2009: Nash and Felman’s Open House
Not a Moment Too Earley
Brooklyn Book Festival Returns
Looking and Spilling
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