Perry Moore, author, director and movie producer, died February 17 at his home in New York City. He was 39 and the cause of his death has not been determined.

Moore was executive producer of the Chronicles of Narnia films and wrote a bestselling illustrated companion to the movie, but he was also a lifelong comics fan. His 2007 novel Hero (Hyperion) told the story of a gay teen with superpowers struggling with his sexuality. The book won the Lambda Award for the Best GLBT Young Adult Novel of the Year and was a 2008 New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age selection. His literary agent, Merrilee Heifetz, described Moore as “incredibly smart, charming and hard-working. He loved getting letters from his young readers, many of whom wrote to tell him how much his book had helped them by offering a character who was strong, powerful and gay.” Heifetz said that Moore was working on a sequel to Hero as well as a TV pilot based on the novel at the time of his death.