Chelsea Clinton’s considerable list of accomplishments has a new addition: children’s book author. On September 15, Philomel will publish the former First Daughter’s It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!, a book for readers 10-14 that examines some of the world’s greatest challenges, explores some solutions to those issues, and shares stories of young people who are making an impact in their own communities and around the globe.

The book, which is illustrated with charts, graphs, and photographs, discusses such topics as poverty, homelessness, access to education, gender equality, epidemics, climate change, and endangered species. International editions will be published simultaneously in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, with foreign-language editions to follow.

Clinton has long been interested in making the world a better place. As a child, one of her favorite books was 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth, which inspired her to take action at a young age. She led her high school’s service club, and while at Stanford worked as a reading and writing tutor and as a hospital volunteer.

Today, Clinton serves as vice chair of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, where she is involved in various initiatives, with a particular focus on work related to health, women and girls, creating service opportunities, and empowering the next generation of leaders. In that spirit, It’s Your World is her call to action for young readers. “My hope is that the book will inspire readers to realize that they can start making a difference now, in their own way, for their family, their community, and our world,” she said in a statement.

Jill Santopolo, executive editor of Philomel Books, contacted Clinton after seeing her as a guest on The Daily Show in September 2013. “She explained non-communicable diseases in a way that made them easy to understand, and talked about her father's heart surgery,” the editor said in a statement.

Impressed with her skills as a storyteller, Santopolo reached out to Clinton to ask if she'd be interested in writing a book for kids. “It was a shot in the dark, I thought, but the answer came back and was a resounding yes,” Santopolo recalled. “Not only was Chelsea interested, but because of her past experiences and work at the Clinton Foundation, she’d already been thinking about writing a book that could inform and empower kids. I couldn't imagine anyone else writing this book the way that she did, and I’m so happy we’ll soon be able to share her words with kids all over the world.”