Children’s book publishers continue to push forward into digital publishing, and both HarperCollins and Random House revealed new e-products earlier this week.

Random House Children’s Books is publishing its first e-book original, a tie-in to Michael Scott’s Nicholas Flamel series. The Death of Joan of Arc: A Lost Story from the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel is an e-book original from Delacorte, arriving between the fourth book, The Necromancer, which was published this past May, and the fifth, The Warlock, due in 2011. The Death of Joan of Arc went on sale this past Tuesday for 99¢; the story posits that rather than being burned at the stake, Joan of Arc was rescued by Scathach the Warrior.

Also on Tuesday, HarperCollins Children’s Books announced the launch of its ABC Song and 123: Ants Go Marching iPhone and iPad apps, available for 99¢ each in Apple’s App Store. The apps—an alphabet game and an introduction to math and language skills, respectively—are the first two releases from Curious Puppy, Harper’s first “e-imprint.” “Children interact with technology at increasingly younger ages, and our apps are an easy way for parents to offer kids an interactive and educational experience,” said Susan Katz, president and publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books, in a statement.