Earlier today, the hashtag #lessinterestingbooks took off on Twitter, becoming a trending topic nationally. (@randomhousekids even got in on the action, offering several twists on their own books, including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Census Workers and The Penderwicks at the Grocery Store). As of press time, it's still trending, as is a (comparatively unfunny) #moreinterestingbooks hashtag. Here are some of the better children’s book-related tweets—with a few classics thrown in for good measure.

@Lord_Voldemort7: Harry Potter and the Order of Takeout

@nathanielr: Are You There Todd? It’s Me, Margaret

@kinder7: The Very Tired Caterpillar

@pmdelisle: Anne of Unpainted Gables

@whatkainsaid: A Series of Mediocre Events

@Anndra: The Iron, the Itch and the Ear lobe

@_FieryDragon_: Breaking Wind in the Willows

@sturadernie: Misdemeanour and Chastisement

@blablafishcakes: Remembrance of Things Parsed

@LittlePeahead: The Not so Secret Garden

@kthawken: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce

@jeffpaternostro: Dinner on the Orient Express

@Kim_Harrington: The Maze Speed-Walker

@QuietlySmirking: Horton Didn’t Hear Much of Anything

@mgiant: A Series of Unfortunate Outfits

@matthewcreid: There’s Waldo

@JJfromKansas: A Connecticut Yankee in Connecticut

@SneedHearn: The Lord of the Ringtones

@cwena: Howl's Moving Company