In a bid to increase its presence as an e-book retailer, Google has launched a new version of Google Play Books that it hopes will make for a better reading experience for nonfiction titles. Since e-books became a major force in the market, fiction titles have sold much better in the digital format, than nonfiction.

New features in the Google Play app are aimed at making it easier for readers to skim an entire book and to find—and bookmark--specific topics.

In a post on Google's Android blog, Scott Dougall, director of product management for Google Play Books, noted that the new app will make it easier for readers to skim through recipes, jump between questions and answers, research a topic, or read chapters out of order. Links in the Table of Contents will take readers to the topic they are most interested in. A reader who is cooking two recipes from the same cookbook can use the TOC to find the recipes and use new “quick” bookmarks to move back and forth between the two recipes. .