Welcome to the 10th annual coverage on the India-based digital publishing solutions industry. Here, we survey the latest products, services and technologies available from Indian companies, and also take a close look at a unique startup business and the evolution of e-learning. All this, plus a projects showcase and a brief retrospective on the industry. To celebrate this 10th anniversary issue, we also debut a new online series, The Expert Series, containing articles penned by selected vendors, which examines critical topics impacting both the publishing and digital solutions industries. Click through to read the stories, or browse the special report in our Scribd reader below.

Charting the Transformation in Digital Content and Solutions

Meeting the Demand for More Agile and Mobile Content: Digital Solutions in India 2015

Expertise on Display: Projects Showcase: Digital Solutions in India 2015

Digital Solutions Industry: Then, Now and the Future

NEW: The Expert Series:

Digital Discoverability of Relevant Content

Personalization and Customization in E-learning

Using Mobile Apps to Increase Content Monetization

Markup Standards for Books and Journals

Workflow Management that Works: Digital Solutions in India 2015

Digital Solutions in India, April 2015 by Publishers Weekly