Piggybacking on the flurry of publicity surrounding yesterday’s launch of Google’s E-bookstore, small publisher OR books and NYC bookseller St. Mark’s Bookshop announced a partnership through which digital editions of select OR titles will be available for sale through a page on the St. Mark’s Web site.

OR books, which was founded a year ago and publishes such notable authors as Gordon Lish and Eileen Myles, and is best known for having published Sarah Palin parody book Going Rouge, does not distribute its titles through traditional channels. Books are sold direct to customers from the publisher, produced POD upon ordering, or published e-book-only. This St. Mark’s agreement represents OR’s first distribution deal through a bookseller, though John Oakes, OR’s co-publisher, told PW, “We absolutely look forward to expanding the process,” adding, “Google better watch out.”

OR wouldn’t reveal the exact revenue split between both parties in the deal. OR is not currently selling its titles through Google.