Publishers Weekly is seeking nominations for the annual PW Bookstore and PW Sales Rep of the Year Awards launched two decades ago to recognize the country’s best independent booksellers and sales representatives. The awards will be presented this spring at BookExpo America in New York City, and the award winners will be profiled in the pre-BEA print issue of Publishers Weekly magazine.

Nominees for PW Bookstore of the Year should operate a professional storefront retail bookstore in the U.S. and should excel in buying, vendor relations, marketing, handselling, customer care, community involvement, management-employee relations, merchandising, and business operations. Candidates cannot nominate themselves, nor can family members nominate them. Nominations should indicate what makes this bookstore stand out.

The PW Sales Rep of the Year award is open to both telephone and in-person sales representatives, who booksellers can rely on for information, guidance, and support. As part of their nomination, booksellers should include a story or example of their rep’s commitment to excellence.

The deadline for nominations for both awards is: March 1 at 8 a.m. EST. Please submit nominations to Donna Paz Kaufman or Judith Rosen at, or fax to 904.261.6742, and include your name, phone number, and industry affiliation. Your nomination will be used by the judges who select the 2013 award winners.