BookExpo America has revealed that bestselling author and National Book Award winner Jonathan Franzen will appear at the 2015 event on May 27, kicking off the show. Franzen, who has a new novel to promote--Purity is being published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in fall 2015--will be appearing at noon, and will be interviewed by Salon critic and columnist Laura Miller.

In an announcement about the appearance, BEA said the conversation will "include a discussion of the author’s writing" and "the important influences in his life," as well as his new book.

The Miller-Franzen talk, BEA added, will "set the stage" for BEA and BookCon, the new consumer segment of the show. The talk, which will be open to all BEA badge holders, will also mark Franzen's first appearance promoting Purity.

Steven Rosato, BEA show manager, said the Miller-Franzen talk will follow the "in conversation" format and allow " the author and interviewer to dig deep to reveal to the audience themes about the book, as well as the inspiration, motivation, and personal anecdotes that are all part of the creative process."

Purity is a multigenerational tale that explores themes of love, parenthood and sexual politics.