The 2015 edition of BookExpo America will feature one of the biggest exhibits ever seen at the annual event—a 25,000-sq.-ft. display that will be home to China’s large contingent of publishers and authors. BEA director Steve Rosato says that the large China presence will take international activity at the show to “new heights.”

China’s participation at BEA comes at a time when the country’s publishing industry is evolving in a number of important ways. Sales at China’s physical bookstores rebounded in 2014 following two soft years, and book sales through online retailers continued to increase last year. Sales of e-books and other digital content in China grew at a rapid rate last year as well, and more growth seems assured. The country’s publishers, who have imported an increasing number of U.S. titles, are hoping to build a market for some of their top authors overseas.

To reflect all the activity that is occurring in China’s publishing market, Chinese organizers have assembled an impressive number of events that will be held before, during, and after BEA. Some events will focus directly on books and publishing, while others, such as art exhibitions, will highlight different aspects of Chinese culture.

To help BEA attendees and others in the publishing industry get a better understanding of the state of the Chinese book industry and its plans for BEA, Chinese organizers have created a special BEA supplement. Among the pieces you’ll find on the following pages are an overview of China’s retail and digital book markets, a look at China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG), China’s largest and most influential trade and professional publishing group, and interviews with some of China’s best-known authors.

China’s Bookstores Had a Healthy 2014

Sales through physical stores rebounded and online sales continued to rise.

China’s E-book Market Is Robust and Growing

After a period of rapid expansion, a more stable pace of growth in the Chinese e-book market kicks in.

U.S. Books Draw Lots of Interest

Chinese publishers continue to hunt for American titles that appeal to domestic readers.

Meet Author A Yi

The popular author of crime novels has picked up critical praise and awards.

Spotlight on the China Publishing Group

Publishing more than 10,000 books annually, CPG is China’s largest trade publisher and has international ambitions.

Author Liu Zhenyun Makes Friends

Liu is one of China’s best-known writers, with a number of film adaptations to his name.

Chinese SF Blasts Off

Science fiction in China is brimming with energy.

Coming to America: Liu Cixin

Liu Cixin is the leading writer in China’s small but vibrant science fiction scene.

Decoding the Modern Chinese Spy Novel: Mai Jia

Mai’s spy novels have made him one of China’s most popular authors.

Tsinghua University Press

As an integral part of China’s prestigious Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Press has grown to be one of the country’s leading academic and higher education publishers.

China GMF Guest of Honor Author Events

Jim Milliot is editorial director of Publishers Weekly.