I have a proposition for Amazon.

Whereas a recent survey by Codex reported that 28% of purchases done online result from information gathered at a bricks-and-mortar stores.

Whereas Amazon totally understands that this is occurring and is offering $5 to gather competitive price information while customers are in aforementioned stores.

Whereas bricks and mortar bookstores spend countless hours writing emails and newsletters and giving speeches and appearing on radio and TV promoting books they love and those books are then purchased at Amazon.

Whereas Amazon defacto sells based on our information and staffing.

Therefore, beginning immediately, we suggest that Amazon pay an affiliate fee to such bricks and mortar stores. The calculation for such fee shall be equal to 33% of the sales from Amazon customers whose zip codes are within a 20 mile radius of aforementioned bricks and mortar store.

Very truly yours,
Roxanne J Coady
RJJulia Booksellers (Madison, Ct.)