St. Mark’s Bookshop, despite being taken to court by the New York City Housing Authority for nonpayment of back rent, is trying to make a go in its new home in New York City’s East Village.

An investor responded to the bookstore’s latest financial appeal on GoFundMe. He will take over the store’s lease and pay the back rent of $62,000, if the store raises enough money to stock the store. “He believes, as I do,” wrote co-owner Bob Contant on Monday, “that if we fill the store with books, our business will increase and we’ll be able to pay our way.”

NYCHA has also agreed to settle. But St. Mark’s still has a way to go to boost its inventory. Since the beginning of December, the store has raised just over $21,700. Initially the bookstore had been looking for $150,000 to get on solid financial footing.