E-book sales had their smallest increase of the year in July, while the adult hardcover segment had one of its strongest months, according to the AAP’s monthly sales report. E-book sales from 17 reporting publishers rose 105.3% in the month, to $82.6 million. Adult hardcover sales from 14 reporting publishers rose 33.9% in July, to $91.2 million. Despite the strong July performance, adult hardcover sales were down 17.8% for the seven month period, while e-book sales were up 152.8%, to $560.5 million.

With the exception of adult hardcover, sales were down in all other print trade segments in July. Downloadable audio had a good month with sales up 26.7% from 12 reporting publishers to $8.3 million, while sales of physical audio declined 25.5% to $8.1 million.