W. W. Norton will take over distribution for both Yale University Press and Harvard University Press next fall, when it will begin selling titles set to be released in January 2025.

Both publishers have been distributed by TriLiteral LLC, a company formed about 20 years ago by Yale, Harvard, and MIT Press to specialize in the distribution of books published by university and academic publishers. TriLiteral was sold to LSC Communications (now called Lakeside Book Company after its acquisition by Atlas Holdings) in 2018, and Harvard, Yale, and MIT signed multiyear fulfillment agreements with TriLiteral. (MIT Press is now distributed by Penguin Random House).

In prepared comments announcing the new agreement, representatives from Norton and the two presses stressed how the lists of the publishers complement each other. “It is a delight and a privilege to commence our publishing relationship with these two eminent presses,” said Norton CFO and COO Jorie A. Krumpfer in a statement. “With lists that span general and scholarly audiences, and with award-winning books that deepen and broaden understanding of the arts, sciences, social sciences, literature, and culture, the publishing programs of these presses reflect the highest ideals of our own.” Steven Pace, director of trade sales for Norton, noted that Norton “shares certain subject areas and authors” with both presses.

"There are so many exciting parallels to celebrate in our partnership with W. W. Norton,” said John Donatich, director of Yale University Press. “Yale is not for profit, Norton is employee-owned, and we share so many fundamental values; our books demonstrate scholarly rigor, intellectual probity, literary luster, and marketplace success.”

“We look forward to working with one of the great enterprising independent publishers in the world,” George Andreou, director of Harvard University Press, said.

Beginning next fall, Norton will handle sales and distribution of Yale and Harvard’s lists to wholesale, retail, and library accounts, as well as to specialty accounts and special sales venues.