Thomson-Shore has acquired the Bessenberg Bindery, a specialty hand bindery located in Ann Arbor, Mich. With the deal, Thomson-Shore has acquired Bessenberg’s Books as Art™ capabilities that will allow T-S to do high quality, custom made books for as few as one copy. “We think that in this world of one-off digital and e-books, publishers, authors and consumers are going to be looking for a high quality alternative that is as beautiful as is it economical,” says Kevin Spall, president and CEO of Thomson-Shore. “Our experience has shown that people are looking for a little more soul in their books, and are especially interested in the aesthetics of quality book manufacturing.”

Thomson-Shore expects Books as Art™ to generate new revenue and provide the printer with a unique capability “With the acquisition of the Bessenberg Bindery, high quality digital short run and one-off case binding is an easy market opportunity for Thomson-Shore,” Spall said.