Phyllis Grann will end more than 40 years in the publishing business June 9 when she retires from her role as senior editor at the Doubleday division of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Grann joined Doubleday in 2002 after stepping down as the CEO of Penguin Putnam in 2001.

She rose to the top at Penguin following its acquisition of Putnam Berkley where she had been president, chairman and CEO. Before leaving Penguin, Grann was responsible for publishing, and in some cases editing, such international bestselling authors as Tom Clancy, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, A. Scott Berg, Kurt Vonnegut, Daniel Silva, John McEnroe and Judy Blume. At Doubleday, Grann acquired and edited such writers as Jeffrey Toobin, Tina Brown, Bob Herbert, Jim Newton, Ayelet Waldman and Tim Weiner, winner of the National Book Award. She also edited Stephen Carter and John Darnton for Knopf. According to Knopf chairman Sonny Mehta, Grann will be available to the house as a consultant and freelance editor, continuing to work with her authors under contract.

In his memo, Mehta spoke of Grann’s publishing legacy. “Phyllis is among the towering figures who have shaped book publishing. We know her as a brilliant editor and savvy businesswoman, but more important, in my view, is the role she has played as a confidant and mentor to many in our industry. I certainly have learned a great deal from her.”