Judge Denise Cote has approved the appointment of Michael Bromwich as the external monitor to oversee that Apple's antritust compliance after the company was found liable in the Department of Justice e-book price fixing case. Bernard Nigro will assist Bromwich.

Bromwich is a former assistant U.S. attorney, who most recently let the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which monitored oil and gas development following the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Nigro, an attorney with antitrust experience, has worked at the Bureau of Competition at the Federal Trade Commission.

Bromwich will have very narrow duties in his role. Under Judge Denise Cote's final order, Apple's external monitor is tasked only with overseeing Apple’s internal antitrust policy and training, for just a two-year period, with a potential for one or more yearlong extension, if cause exists.

Apple did not object to Bromwich's appointment.