Jim Hylton of Fort Worth, Tex., a lifelong pastor, public speaker, and author, has dedicated his life to sharing a message of awakening to God’s presence. His new book, Being at Ease: Thinking at Ease—Lessening Disease, discusses how healthy thoughts contribute to healthy bodies, because our bodies are houses of thought. Every part of our body, starting with cells, has knowledge. With encoding from creation, cells know how to carry out their intended function, contributing to our health. “The theme of the book,” Hylton says, “is thinking.” He asserts that all of life was first a thought and that all of life is affected by thoughts both now and eternally. With a lifetime of experience, he offers hope that “God’s thoughts are meant to become our thoughts.”

“Thinking correctly—the way God thinks” became a new focus in Hylton’s life following eye surgery. During the 14-day recovery period of virtual isolation, he reviewed what Jesus Christ declared as the only lasting and workable arrangement for life that God intended for mankind—the operative kingdom of God. “Jesus was in fact reopening the Garden of Eden, which was the first place of the enactment of God’s eternal plan, his perfect and limitless love called for mankind to share fully, as his children, in all of his attributes and well as his vast creation.”

During his extensive research, the pastor learned that science and physics were also having an awakening, illustrating God’s love for every person. “Quantum means ‘how much’ [in Latin], and quantum physics can lead us to see quantum love,” Hylton says. “The quantum love factor—God’s unlimited supply of love—has transformed my own thoughts. Jesus taught that his kingdom is a love-filled kingdom, which makes it a fear-free zone. All behavior is either love based or fear based. Our thinking crisis in America can be traced to erroneous fear-based conclusions.” He hopes Being at Ease will help solve this thinking crisis and enable readers overcome fear. “Jesus is the friend of thinkers,” he says. “No matter what we are thinking, Jesus is ready to guide us to think straight in a crooked world.”

Founding a medical clinic with three others—two doctors and an administrator—gave Hylton a chance to see cells restored in the body. “I found out about a new therapy for treating the complications of diabetes,” Hylton says. “We opened a clinic in Fort Worth, where near-miraculous improvement in health has occurred—amputations prevented, eye sight dramatically improved.” A frequent comment was heard: “You have given me my life back.”

Hylton concluded that if cells being restored can bring life back to people, restoring their minds with God’s thoughts would bring even more life—eternal life. “The eternal kind of life” was a major emphasis found in the writing and teaching of Dallas Willard, who contributed much insight to the author and to his book. As Hylton’s book describes, the life of this thinker with few equals ended with a consciousness of the eternal being experienced as some of his last thoughts. Willard had said, “I think that when I die, it might be some time before I know it.”

The cover of Being at Ease depicts a lush garden with a path, about which Hylton speaks movingly: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, the picture on the cover is a major statement offering a path to peaceful thinking. God started with the Garden of Eden. I carefully selected the picture to match a description I offered of the Bible’s account of creation, in which Moses was transported back about 2,400 years to attend God’s press conference on creation, as found in Genesis.” Hylton says the garden was “closed for repairs, but these were not repairs to the garden, but to people’s thinking.”

The author hopes that Being at Ease will serve as a guide to readers ready to make these repairs. He writes: “Jesus Christ came declaring the garden was open again. His opening day announcement was, ‘The kingdom of heaven is here now!’ With the most brilliant mind a man ever developed, Jesus offered the repairs for thinking correctly—thinking the way God thinks!”

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