Chicagoland book publisher Sourcebooks announced Thursday morning that it has acquired the book assets of Marianne Richmond Studios, a Minneapolis publisher of gift books, board books, greeting cards, journals, sidelines, and other products.

Marianne Richmond Studios was founded in 1991 as a greeting card company and expanded into book publishing after the release of the company's first book in 1997, Gift of An Angel. There currently are 64 gift books, board books, and mini books on the company's list, all written and illustrated by Richmond. The books in total have sold over two million copies, primarily in nontraditional book sales outlets, such as big box stores like Target, Kohl's, and Costco, gift stores like Hallmark, and small independent gift shops.

"[Marianne Richmond]'s really moving back to being an author," Sourcebooks publisher Dominique Raccah explained. "Our relationship with her will be author/publisher, rather than her working for us."

Marianne Richmond Studios titles will be released under Sourcebooks's Jabberwocky children's imprint. Raccah told PW that the company intends to create associated merchandise to go with the books, "much like we've done for Gregory Lang after we purchased Cumberland." She also said the company has developed a digital plan for the books, which includes "getting [Richmond] into the studio."

Three new titles by Richmond will be published this fall under the Jabberwocky imprint: If I Could Keep You Little, The Night Night Book, and Beautiful Blue Eyes. Sourcebooks intends to publish two to five of Richmond's books in multiple formats each year.