Ingram Content Group president and CEO Skip Prichard publicly thanked the publishing community yesterday for contributing to a relief fund for Ingram employees who have been affected by the recent flooding in the Nashville area. Prichard said several people who work for the company “suffered massive losses” recently, and that “several” publishers have sent financial aid.

“Over the past week, our community has witnessed some of the worst devastation as well as some of the greatest outpouring of local support and charity,” Prichard said. “From the very first day that this devastating flood hit the national news, we have received such generous calls and messages from our publisher partners who simply said they want to help our people. I want to express my deep gratitude for this assistance, which has come in the form of checks from several publishers already. It is most welcome and much appreciated.

Ingram’s business operations were not directly affected by the flooding, but many Ingram associates suffered heavy damages at their homes. The company has established a relief fund at the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, and associates may apply for up to $2,500 from the fund to alleviate financial hardship as a result of the flooding. Contributions can be made at