Berrett-Koehler Publishers said it expects the first 10,000 copies of This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement, to hit store shelves by November 17. The book, done in partnership with Yes! Magazine, shipped from the printer, Malloy, November 4, just six weeks after the concept for the book was born.

Berrett-Koehler first approached YES! Magazine on October 7, after BK publisher Steve Piersanti read several articles from YES! about Occupy Wall Street. “This rapid publication is possible because YES! Magazine has been at the forefront of reporting on the Occupy Wall Street movement from the beginning," Piersanti said.

Berrett-Koehler has published fast-track books before, including Agenda for a New Economy by David Korten (board chair of YES! Magazine and contributor for This Changes Everything), which was produced in seven weeks and has sold over 25,000 copies.

This Changes Everything features contributions from Naomi Klein, Rebecca Solnit and Ralph Nader, among others. Royalties will be donated to support the Occupy movement, and 500 copies will be given out at Occupy sites.