For the week ending July 29, total print sales were down 32% from the same week in 2011 at outlets tracked by Nielsen BookScan. The decline was not caused by a dramatic change in units sold in 2012, but rather due to a huge spike last summer from Borders's liquidation sales.

For the week ending July 31, 2011, total print sales were 15,092,000; for the week ending July 29, 2012, total print sales were 10,238,000, according to outlets tracked by BookScan. The steep drop off was the second consecutive week where 2012's total print sales lagged behind 2011's--last week (the week ending July 22), print sales were down 22% from the week of July 24, 2011.

At this time last year, Borders was moving a lot of units of a lot of titles, though not neccesarily bestsellers. In fact, the top 100 bestsellers last week sold 27% more units than those a year ago.