Bloomsbury has launched a new imprint called Sigma that will publish books in the popular science category. Noting that the category has seen a growth of 8% from 2012 to 2013, Bloomsbury said Sigma will focus on narrative titles on subjects ranging from robotics to evolutionary biology. Sigma will globally publish up to 15 titles a year, and will be run by Jim Martin, who currently works on Bloomsbury's natural history lists.

Fleshing out what readers can expect from Sigma titles, Bloomsbury said the authors of these books will be "experts in their field" and their titles will "make serious science seriously accessible, and celebrate great writing." The first Sigma books, set for October 2014, are: Jules Howard's Sex on Earth; Victoria Herridge's The World’s Smallest Mammoth. Also set are books by Amy Teitel, David Hone and Kat Arney.