In this week's Endnotes, we take a look at mangaka Atsushi Kaneko's Search and Destroy, an English translation of a punk update on a classic manga. In its starred review, PW called the book "a blast of pure cyberpunk energy."

Here's how the book came together.

Atsushi Kaneko, Mangaka

Search and Destroy was drawn six years ago. At that
time, fascism across the world had started to grow, so my anger against the spread of hate was woven into this work. Unfortunately, the world has become worse, and my anger
has become more intense. I hope that my anger,
which fills this story, will reach people with the same feelings, and that it will resonate.”

Eric Reynolds, Acquiring Editor, Fantagraphics

“I was knocked out by Kaneko’s incredible fusion of Western influences, Osamu Tezuka’s original story, and contemporary manga. But as I’ve lived with the project, working with Christopher, my respect and awe for it and for Kaneko’s artistry have only grown.”

Christopher Butcher, Series Editor, Mangasplaining

“Eric met our pitch with such incredible enthusiasm. When Ben heard we were publishing Search and Destroy, he contacted us, as he’d already translated the first book for fun in his spare time. A similar thing happened when I reached out to Phil, who was booked but squeezed in time to work on this because he loves Kaneko-sensei’s work.”

Ben Applegate, Translator

“Kaneko matches peerless control over the composition and flow of visuals with an ear for the spoken word. The flamboyant yet disturbing monologuing of each villain was a twisted delight to render in English. But most striking are his sound effects. He assigns important elements signature sounds that remain consistent and repeat like percussion. I kept note of these so English readers would experience the same resonance.”

Phil Christie, Letterer

“In lettering the series, I aimed to mirror Kaneko’s straightforward, punk-rock aesthetic in English. All of the sound effects were hand drawn before digitization to preserve the authentic punk vibe and give a more unique feel.”