Above the Treeline and Firebrand Technologies will begin integrating NetGalley services into ATL’s Edelweiss digital catalogs, starting in the second quarter of 2010. As a result, publishers will be able to provide e- galleys to Edelweiss’s 700 registered users, which include booksellers, librarians and literary bloggers.

Edelweiss, which launched at BookExpo earlier this year, is an interactive digital catalog service. With the integration of NetGalley, publishers that use Edelweiss will be able to offer digital galleys, with or without DRM, directly from their Edelweiss catalogs. Readers can access the content from a variety of dedicated reading devices and platforms; publishers can select reading options and security features based on their needs.

Edelweiss is a fee-based service for publishers, and for NetGalley publishers with Edelweiss catalogs, the additional functionality will come at no extra charge. Edelweiss publishers that are not currently using NetGalley will be able to purchase the NetGalley add-on on a per-title basis for their Edelweiss catalogs through ATL.

ATL CEO John Rubin called matching NetGalley with Edelweiss “a natural fit,” and said, “The content management expertise of Firebrand’s NetGalley service will provide a great option for those Edelweiss publishers looking to provide e-galleys to their retailers, sales reps, publicists, and reviewers.”