The Imperfect Marvel, the latest novel by Italy’s Andrea De Carlo, has sold in a flurry of foreign sales and, according to its publisher, is currently #2 on the Nielsen bestseller list for Italian fiction. The book is told in alternating perspectives, by an aging rock star about to celebrate his third marriage, and a young woman who owns a gelateria.

Book title: L'imperfetta meraviglia / The Imperfect Marvel

First Published: by Italy's Giunti Editore, on September 30

Format: hardcover and e-book

Author: Andrea De Carlo has written over 20 novels and was originally discovered by the legendary Italian author Italo Calvino, who wrote the foreword to De Carlo's first book, 1981's Treno di panna.

Acquiring Editor: Antonio Franchini, editorial director of fiction & nonfiction

How It’s Done: The novel debuted on the Nielsen bestseller list at #2 for Italian fiction, and at #3 on its overall list, after one week in stores. It is currently in 9th place overall. It is in 2nd place for Italian fiction on the Corriere Della Sera bestseller list. International rights have been sold to Diogenes in Germany, HC Editions in France and Paradox in Bulgaria, among others. A deal for world English rights closed with Simon & Schuster's Atria imprint last week. Giunti controls all rights.

Why It’s Working: Franchini believes the author’s development of his characters is key to the book's success with readers. More importantly, the book was a huge priority for the entire team at Giunti, and he thinks the effort paid off. The publisher did a first print run of 100,000 copies, sent the author on a major book tour, and arranged various media interviews. Occasionally the author’s engagements included concerts. (The author sings, plays guitar and piano, and composes music.)